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Maintenance is ALWAYS better than Repair
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Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
6000 Wolf Creek Pike
Dayton, Ohio 45426

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P r o u d   S p o n s o r

Sinclair College Automotive Technology

ASE Certified

  • "…I recommend Slemker Auto Care to everyone, especially women…"

  • "Tony has always been very friendly, prompt and accommodating… I highly recommend him."

  • "...Tony has provided a high level of service and excellent turn-around for us..."

  • "…Tony is not only a skilled mechanic, but also honest and straight forward…"

  • "I am very happy with Slemker Auto Care. They do excellent high-quality work. …"

"Last year when we made the decision to lease and run our own yard truck, maintenance was high on the list for concerns, but having Tony Slemker Auto Repair right across the street made that decision easier. Tony has provided a high level of service and excellent turn around for us. Knowing he is a call away, makes our business decision look all the better."

s y n c r e o n
Kevin McDonald
Engineering Manager

"Finding a skilled, reliable, and honest automotive mechanic is hard. So I feel lucky to have found Tony Slemker! Tony is not only a skilled mechanic who fixes things right the first time, but he is also an honest and straightforward communicator who is not afraid to tell me the truth. After working with Tony for a few years, my car is less of a mystery to me. I understand how things work and that has helped me to make smart decisions about my maintenance and repair costs. And his belief in PREVENTATIVE maintenance has helped me to budget for little projects before they end up costing me more money and time as major repairs. Thanks Tony!"

Google User
Overall - Excellent

"I am very happy with Slemker Auto Care. They do excellent high-quality work. And Tony is nothing but nice, honest, and straight-forward. Very dependable. Highly recommended."

Google User
Overall - Excellent

"I have had my cars serviced at Slemker Auto Care for 30 years. I am confident that my vehicles only get the service they need and at a good price. I recommend Slemker to everyone, especially women who are afraid they will be taken advantage of financially; Tony only charges what is fair and necessary."

Lorelei S.

"Mr. Tony Slemker of Slemker Auto Care has serviced and taken care of our motor home and two cars for over ten years. He is very knowledgeable and skillful and has done excellent work. Our vehicles have been kept in top condition. Tony has always been very friendly, prompt and accommodating and has gone out of his way to help us. I highly recommend him."

Charles J. Ritter, PhD.

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